Lumen Christi is a newly emerging community of Christians, rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition.  We honor the teachings and long rich history of the larger Roman Catholic Church*.  We profess freedom to evolve in spiritual growth,  conscience and diversity.  All who are seeking communion in the love of God and with one another are welcome to participate with us in worship and to join us at our open Eucharistic table.

Our founding priest Sandra is an ordained woman.  Check out the sidebar link, Journey to Holy Orders, to read the story of her call to service in the church, to Catholicism, to her ordination to the priesthood. 

Lumen Christi is incorporated as a tax exempt organization.  For your information, we have published our bylaws on this website.  There is a link to bylaws in the left sidebar.  

This website is our attempt introduce the Lumen Christi community to you,  providing information and  answering questions you might have.  Browse through it at your leisure.  You can check out our Facebook page as well.  From the link on our sidebar, it's just a click away.   While you're there, click the "Like Button".  

 *Because of unreconciled differences with regard to certain doctrinal and administrative practices of the larger Roman Catholic Church, Lumen Christi is presently a separate legal entity. Specifically, it remains at odds with the Roman Catholic Church's discriminatory position on the exclusion of women and married men from the priesthood.  Lumen Christi welcomes all to its Eucharistic table and to its assembly without regard to gender, denominational affiliation,  or sexual orientation.              


1st and 3rd 
 5 pm,
at the 
McMinnville Cooperative Ministries,
522 NE 2nd St.,
McMinnville, OR

Agape Feast:
On the 5th Sundays 
of a month

 Sacrament of Reconciliation
and the
Sacrament of the Sick
are by appointment