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Worship Assistant Schedules

Arrival Time:

Please arrive at least 20-30 minutes prior to the service time to allow for setup and last minute changes.  Also, as time permits, welcome other worshipers as they enter.

Duties for Assistant A:
  • Carry Gospel Book in Procession
  • First Reading
  • Prayers of the People
  • Cup Minister during Communion
  • Final Sending ending Service
  • Clear all communion ware to sacristy.  Wash up and replace wares to cupboard.
  • Extinguish candles and return table to original setting
  • Make sure extra communion wine and bread is consumed or correctly disposed
  • Return service items to their places of storage
Duties for Assistant B (Sacristan):
  • Set up for communion before Mass (*instructions below)
  • Carry Processional Cross in Procession
  • Read Psalm (if there is no Cantor)
  • Second Reading
  • Set the Table of the Lord during the communion song (*instructions below)
  • Cup Minister during Communion
  • Clear the Table of the Lord after Communion
  • Carry the Processional Cross in the Recession
Usher Duties:
  • Set up back of the sanctuary before service
  • Make certain that Bread, Wine, Processional Cross, Gospel Book, liturgy guides, and hymn books are in their places
  • Open the Baptismal Font
  • Greet worshipers and make sure they have guides and hymn books
  • Bring the Bread and Wine to the altar as it is being prepared for communion
  • Dismiss rows to altar for communion
  • Return service items to their places of storage after the service

*(Additional Assistant B/Sacristan Instructions)
Before Mass:
  • Put bread in a bowl and pour wine (port) into pitcher for usher to place on back table.
  • Arrange communion tray:  2 empty chalices, basin and pitcher for hand washing, a small towel, small water cruet, 2 purificators, 1 corporal
  • Cover the credence table to the right of the altar with a tablecloth and set the tray on it.
  • Remove the three large candles from the altar, place two small candles on the front corners, and light them
  • Light the Easter candle
During Communion Song:
  • Unfold corporal on the center of the table, aligned with back edge.
  • Place on the table the chalice of grape juice (if grape juice is being used) and 2 empty chalices, along with 2 purificators
  • Stand by the credence table as the bread and wine are presented.  Then the priest will turn to you and you (with towel over your arm) will hold the basin and pour water over her hands.  Hand her the towel for drying.  She will drape it over your arm when finished.
  • Discreetly remove the water cruet and the emptied pitcher from the altar.
  • At the end of the meal, after all the people and ministers have received, remove all remaining bread, wine, and linens (corporal folded) to the credence table.  Remaining bread and wine will be consumed after the Mass