What We Believe

Mission Statement...

The Lumen Christi Inclusive Catholic Community honors the long history and sacramental worship tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

We accept Christ’s charge to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom in this present time.    To enable our Christian faith to be relevant in contemporary society, and for it to be an effective means of  doing justice, loving mercy and walking with humility, we believe it necessary to recognize and validate the priesthood of all believers.

Therein, we recognize the Spirit’s call of men and women to ordained ministry without distinction as to gender, marital status or sexual orientation. We also welcome to Christ’s table of communion  all who walk the faith journey, without  regard to denominational affiliation. 

As a community seeking to support one another in the above values. we invite the mystery of symbol and ritual found in liturgical worship to inform and shape the deepening of our spirituality, sharing often the Bread of Life  found in the Christian scriptures and in the Eucharistic communion.  Always, we celebrate the Presence of Christ in our midst as we gather and as we are sent out to serve.